Azee (pronounced "Ah-zay") is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is developing groundbreaking innovative therapeutics to treat diseases with unmet medical need and potential for market growth. The company operates as a virtual drug-development company and is based in Dublin, California.

Company Profile

Our mission is to be a leader in the discovery, development, and commercialization of disruptive, innovative therapeutics that improve global healthcare and increase shareholder value for our investors, employees, and corporate partners.


We are committed to being an innovator in the discovery and commercialization of new therapeutics by creating a company culture that fosters creativity, teamwork, productivity, and growth. We also strive to be recognized for our ethical business practices and for maintaining shareholder value for our investors.


Company Culture



Richard Tanaka, Ph.D. Founder and CEO

Prior to starting Azee, Dr. Tanaka helped to start Genesoft Pharmaceuticals and held positions of Vice President of Preclinical Development (1998-2004) and Principal Investigator/Project Leader for the SMAT research program (1999-2004) that received nearly $21M in funding from DARPA and the USAMRMC. From 1991-1997, Dr. Tanaka helped to start Arris Pharmaceuticals (later Axys Pharmaceuticals) where he held positions as Senior Director of Preclinical Development and Director of Molecular Pharmacology. At Arris, he was the project leader for the mast cell tryptase program that advanced the first human tryptase inhibitor into clinical trials and established clinical proof of concept for this new class of drug. From 1986 to 1991, he worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb (Princeton, NJ) as the Section Head for the cholesterol program that developed and launched the cholesterol-lowering drug, Pravachol®. Dr. Tanaka received his Ph.D. in Biology/Parasitology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He conducted postgraduate studies on the regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis at the Department of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Tanaka has more than 40 scientific publications and 2 issued United States patents.

Board of Directors


Chairman and CEO            Richard Tanaka, Ph.D.

Director                               James Hudak (Executive Chairman, CEO, and President of Paradigm Outcomes)




Azee is using proprietary technology to create innovative therapeutics to treat diseases with unmet medical need. For more information on the technology, please contact the company..

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